Process Work.

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The Vignelli Poster Design's purpose was to create a very effective basic informational poster for the Vignelli Center to show what the place is all about. I used "Vignelli-esque" design style and the Vignelli Red that is used in the signage for the background. I used the gray from the windows to compliment the phtography, as well as lined up the typography with the photo's characteristics. It is overall a very effective design.

This wind energy form was created to be a two page spread and for the purpose of spreading the word about how wind energy is effective using a grid system for the text placement. Through much trial and error, I found the best way to have the type set and the imagery placed within the piece. It contains real information and is an effective design for the intended purpose.

The RIT Nature Trails UX Project is about an un-utilized part of the campus. With the partnership of AbbeyJo Leyendecker and Trinity Parcero, our group effectively created a usable and nearly effortless way to access new ideas and capabilities within the Nature Trails for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. Essentially, we created an easy, beautiful way to access what has previously been inaccessible to students—due to the lack of existing content, with a "mobile first" approach. Using InVision as a real time, usable, prototyping software made this possible.

The Hidden Gem Project features Yummy Garden Hot Pot. Equal credit is given to Lauren Mays, Yi Chen, and Leah Kotas. Hot pot is a Traditional style Chinese food restaurant that is unutilized and under-advertised. We were instructed to find three "hidden gems" and choose one to improve some aspects of the branding including Hot Pot, California Rollin' and Lori's Natural Food Market. The linked below contains the process work as well as the finished presentation. We had a week long time limit to show how much progress we could make.